Emily (broncogirl) wrote in intermediate_5k,


I am new to this community. I finished the couch to 5K and have run 2 5K's in the last month. I finished yesterday in 33:31 (best time yet). I haven't looked into the intermediate 5K on coolrunning, but I will today. I hope to gain and give lots of support to fellow runners!

I started the couch program in July and ran my first 5K in October (2 weeks before Halloween). I finished 34:38 and won 3rd in my age category (29 years). I am hoping to eventually get to 30:00 for a 5K before I start 10K training. I have severe tendonitis in my right leg, but can't imagine stopping long enough for it to heal. I have never run a mile in my life until startng the couch program and hope I can continue running for a long time to come!
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